Robert W. Firestone - U.S.A.


'Reflection II', digital work, 2006, archival canvas print. 

Born in 1930 and raised in Brooklyn, NY, R.W. Firestone has created a large body of work in several media over the last five decades.  His pieces can be found in numerous private and corporate collections and he has an extensive solo and group show history. 

As a psychotherapist, author and documentarian, Firestone has an extraordinary depth of understanding of human nature which is evident in all of his artistic endeavors.  His desire to understand the human condition and the world at large inspired him to venture out to sea with family and friends.  Community activities, nudes and psychological themes have become frequent subject matter in his art. Firestone works with computers, cameras, scanners, digital printers and specialized software and merges these tools with his unique perspective and psychological insight to produce his works.  The resulting limited edition archival canvas prints are boldly colorful, crisp, imaginative and superbly detailed. Refer to his website for more detailed biographical and exhibit information:

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   Selected Solo Exhibitions:

   2007 Feelings, Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York, NY

    2006 Transformations, Omma Center of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara, CA

    2003 The Adventure of Images 2003, Museo d’Arte Sant’ Apollonia, Venice, Italy 

    2003 The Adventure of Images 2003, Museo Fundacion Rodriguez, Agosta, Granada, Spain

    2002 Adventure of Images, Museo Diocesano d'Arte Sacra, Venice, Italy


'San Francisco Bay Blue', 2007, digital work, archival canvas print.

Faced with the existential reality of aloneness, sickness, aging and one’s eventual death, man can choose to close off emotionally, desensitize himself and depersonalize, or choose to give value and meaning to life.  As a clinical psychologist, author and psychotherapist, I have devoted myself to helping people face their personal demons, know themselves and triumph over their psychological pain and suffering.  As an artist, I have attempted to live a creative life, searching and striving for meaning and beauty.  Working with the computer as a creative instrument, I have attempted to invent something feelingful, sensitive and beautiful out of an unfeeling machine. The computer, like all of man’s technological achievements, has been used for both good and evil machinations.

Life and creativity are the antithesis of cynicism and despair.  Intimidated by the issue of death and dying, we often turn our backs on life and feeling but instead we could choose to embrace life.  We are, each one of us, fragile and helpless, and are therefore all brothers.  Ideally, that would imply empathy, tolerance and generosity toward our fellows.  I live and share life closely with a multitude of people and try to exemplify a sense of love, enlightenment and joy in being and becoming.  My art and my insights into life are a very personal offering to others, a simple sharing of my feelings and perceptions.  In my artistic productions, I utilize a variety of images, impressions and approaches to address the fullness and complexity of my experience.  In all of my work, I try to blend color and composition into an enjoyable visual adventure.

 My artistic endeavors are characterized by the use of a variety of vivid and vibrant colors. Colors are important because they symbolize our feelings and emotions.  As a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, I have helped countless people to challenge their psychological defenses and achieve close, loving relationships.  Facing up to their anxieties and confronting their personal demons allowed them to recover their deepest feelings and become more fully alive. As an artist, I wish to inspire a deep feeling for people as well as an appreciation for aesthetics.  In both fields, I aspire to make an important contribution to people’s appreciation of life and personal fulfillment

'Gina IV', 2002, digital work, archival canvas print.

'Old Lady in Pain', 2001, digital work, archival canvas print.

'Children Under Sail', 2001, digital work, archival canvas print.