Nacera Guerin - Algeria France


'Paix Versus Peace', collage on wood, 21 x 24 cm. or 8.3" x 9.1" in.

Nacera was born in Algeria and raised in France.  She began painting in 2000, and since then she has not stopped her voyage of discovery. With her husband and their two children she lived in France, Switzerland, Colorado Springs, California and since December 2006 she has lived in London. Since 2003 she has had 15 personal shows in various galleries in California and since 2001 she has participated in 51 group exhibitions, festivals and Biennales. 

For Nacera Guerin, art is a vital part of society. Art makes a community come together to understand and question the ideals and actions of that community. At best, art can remove boundaries of race, age, politics, and language; and prompt discussion.

Nacera paints the passions and energies that influence our ideas or seek to direct our efforts. She pushes and pulls imagery out of her various mediums, sometimes enhancing a perceived part of a face, figure, or animal. The artist molds and works a viscous paint or plaster into the image of her strong emotion. Her work is always a reaction to an emotion, event, dream, or awareness

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