Margaret LaBounty - U.S.A


'Journey to Create', high fired clay, 28 x 23 x 133 cm. or 12.8" x 9.4" x  51.5" in.


The work of multifaceted artist, Margaret LaBounty reflects the continuum of life and spiritual exploration of time and place. Born in 1951 in Colorado, Margaret’s unique artistry is chameleonlike in its synthesis of exquisite color and raw materials, evocative of serene spaces and the cyclical nature of water, air, earth, fire – the sun, moon and stars.

From the expansive red rock canyons of the Southwest, the liquid eternal sunshine of the Hawaiian Islands, Margaret’s creative pathway has essentially come full circle to illuminate the Mountains of Colorado. The Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York currently represents Margaret LaBounty.  Margaret’s exhibition in New York at this gallery was in August 2007. Winner in the Biennale 2005 of the “Lorenzo il Magnifico” in sculpture, Margaret received a return invitation to the Biennale 2007,  in Florence Italy.  Web site address:  Email:


Number of personal exhibitions: 11


Selection of personal exhibitions


Sutherland Museum of Indian History

Walker Field, Grand Junction, Colorado

Yuma International Airport

Pueble Grande Museum, Phoenix, Arizona

Edge of the Cedars Museum

Number of group participations:  22