Ingrid Stiehler - Germany
'... and Who will Pay the Bill?', acrylic, bronze on canvas, 70 x100 cm. or 27.1" x 39.1" in.

Ingrid Stiehler was born in 1955 in Germany. She studied at the Academy of Business Administration in NRW. She is a self taught artist.

Ingrid  began intensive work in art with landscape photography. Inspired by the different trends of the cultures of Asia, Africa and North America, she combined new impressions and traditional techniquess learned in her many journeys. Her approach was to learn by doing; her endeavour was always to find an individual style in this way and to create aesthetic and decorative objects.  The preferred materials in „Ingrid‘s Workshop“ are silk, gypsum, bronze, wood, acrylic and, not least, silver. Seeing the movie  „The 13th Warrior  " awoke an interest in the art and culture of the Viking era, and she started designing silver jewelry in a mix of Viking and Celtic designs and modern style, which she is continuing at present. 


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