Jeannette Berndsen -The Netherlands 



'Reflections of Reality', oil on canvas, 110 x 76 cm. or 48" x 32" in.

Bright, vivid colors are what compose the art of Jeannette Berndsen.

After experimenting with a variety of techniques and mediums, she has chosen oil paints to express her artistic vision.

She loves to play with oil paint, as their vivid colors allow for endless possibilities.

Jeannette’s paintings reflect the fantasy and energy of her personality and celebrate the splendor of gardens, flowers and trees in a unique graphic way.

This fresh and magical style that Jeannette has created is playing an important role in bringing about a completely new style called "Graphic Impressionism"

Her work has been in much demand.

Last year   her paintings have been in exhibits in The Netherlands, New York, Italy and Greece, Las Vegas and Ft. Lauderdale USA.

She has already accepted invitations to shows in
the Netherlands, Argentina, New York, Denmark and Germany.

Jeannette’s work can also be seen in several galleries and in numerous private collections throughout Europe and the U.S.


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