Blanca Ruth Casanova - Mexico

'Always Ahead' , acrylic, enamel, fabric & textures on canvas, 100 x 100 cm. or 39.1" x 39.1" in.

Blanca Ruth was born in Mexico. She studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design and attended art courses and workshops in Mexico and the USA. An expressionist and abstract artist, she experiments with textures and mixed media, making collage, assemblage and digital art.  Ruth has had thirteen solo exhibitions and ninety group art shows in Mexico, the USA and Europe, participating in international contests. She has received five important awards. Her works have appeared in books, newspapers and magazines in Mexico, Argentina, Europe and New York. She gives lectures and workshops in Art Appreciation and Creativity.

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"My paintings are intellectual and emotional reflections of my life. The act of painting is what motivates me. Textures and drippings express events in my life as I compare my own life to Mexican traditions. Geometric, Figurative or Abstract Expressionistic paintings emerge while I play with colors, textures and forms as life plays with me."

Selection of her most important solo exhibitions:

Agora Parque Naucalli 'Textura y Sentimiento' Mexico, March 2006

Centro Cultural Regional Atizapan 'Emociones y Sentimientos' Mexico, May 2005

Unitec Atizapan, 'Expresiones'  Mexico, February-March 2003

Museo Adolfo Lopez Mateos 'El Necio' Mexico, August 2000

Palacio Municipal de Naucalpan 'Sentimiento en Imagen'  Mexico, March 2000