Amira De Maistre - France


'La Femme au Chapeau', acrylic on paper, 18 x 16 cm. or 7.3" x 6.8" in.

Amira was born in Port-Sad, Egypt in 1937 and she lived in Paris from 1949 until 2004. She studied at the Conservatoire Nationale de Musique and at the Conservatoire Russe d'Art Dramatique of Paris.
From 1964 until 1983 Amira was a broker of modern paintings and had the time to contemplate many masterpieces, without forgetting the museums and the exhibitions which she visited regularly. In 2004, she retired and moved to the South of France. Since then she has devoted herself to painting and discovers every day new lights, flamboyant colors, and sunsets that you only find in the South of France. Then inspiration comes from influences, multiple forms which carry her towards abstract painting without forgetting the figurative. More art by Amira at her website:  Email: