Laura Erler - Italy

'Scogli' (Cliffs) , colored pencils on paper , 100 x 70 cm. or 39.1" x 27.1" in.

Laura lives and works in Oderzo, Italy, a historical town of ancient origins, not far from Venice.
She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where she got her degree in 1975. Since 1972 she has been teaching History of Art and Painting in high school, where she also holds classes in Linocut and engraving.
In 1976 Laura worked in Rome, where she gained experience as an art printer with two of the most important printers in Italy (Antonio Sannino and Gaspare Barrovecchio of National Calchography in Rome).

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Elegy to inert material                                                                                                                                                                                                               The summer of 1989, I was walking along a spectacularly beautiful pebble beach in Sardinia. The beach was made of round, smooth stones and cleansed of every human presence;  it merged with and was lost in the immensity of the sea. I felt a deep, silent and exclusive affinity with those natural forms. It was as if the invisible hands of wind and water had played with this inert material, shaping it into amazing natural sculptures. They were smooth to the touch and a delight to the eyes, which found satisfaction in those diverse forms and shades of colours. Those stones were, for me, my direct link with Mother Earth, and I decided there and then to bring them to life. Here my adventure started. It was a joy for me to reproduce and reinvent them, as I trasferred onto paper those glimpses of an inner, secret world,  and the emotions and sensations which that magic place had awoken in me.                Why Elegy to Inert material?                                                                                                                                                                                                Have you ever thought how long the hands of nature have laboured in order to create a stone? A stone is the essence of simplicity, expressing the beauty that is in the created object; a beauty which is close to us but which  we often do not see, because it is plain, far from technological miracles. Stones are archetypes of a simple and mysterious reality, fascinating forms which speak , which have a soul, a child’s soul.  They are signs of the times, which evoke strange beauties.

Laura Erler