Nina Gabriel - U.S.A.

The Path of the Soul’, mixed media, 40.5 x 51 cm. or 16.1" x  19.3" in.

Nina Gabriel lives and works at her home-based studio in Tarzana, California. Several years ago, she decided to establish her own studio where she could create art and follow her dreams. Along with her working career, she always kept studying, majoring in Psychology, and is currently doing her Masters degree in Natural Healing and Naturopathy. Her interests include music, philosophy, numerology, astrology, esoteric astrology, mythology, metaphysics, and many natural therapies such as aromatherapy, healing touch, reiki, yoga, tai chi and many more. She is also studying and working with Chinese calligraphy and the Kabbalah through The Tree of Life. She has participated in many exhibitions and Biennales in Florence, Lithuania,  Sweden, Switzerland, France, Austria, Salzburg, and Spain. She is a prize-winning artist and poet and she is a  member of the International Society of Poets,&  the Who’s Who Art Club International. Website:   Email:

'To produce art is the most satisfying experience for me and the results of my work I would like to share with as many people as possible thus spreading my spirit and message far and wide. My art has contributed enormously to my own spiritual growth, at the same time testing my patience, persistence and will.'

Selected exhibitions:

Svenska Konstgalleriet, Stockholm, Sweden – April 2006

EuropArt – Geneva, Switzerland – April 2006                                                                                                                   

Montserrat Gallery, New York Chelsea Art Market, 2006-2007                                                                                             

Mozart Festival, Salzburg, Austria – August 2006                                                                                                                    

Art Marbella, Spain, 2006

2nd International Collage Exhibition in Vilnius, Lithuania, 2005
Art Fair, Florence, Italy,  2006
Cannes, France, 2006
4th International Art Festival “Chania 2006” – Chania, Crete, Greecce
3rd International Collage Exhibition Vilnius, Lithuania– November 2006 
 Primo Piano Livin Gallery The Secret Garden Art Woman Exhibition, Lecce, Italy, March 2007
 Primo Piano Gallery in Leece, Italy THE DREAM , June 2007
5th International Art Festival “Chania 2007” Crete, Greece - July 2007
Primo Piano Livin Gallery, Lecce, Italy - November 2007