Leon Oks - U.S.A.

'Reunion', oil on canvas, 65.5 cm. x 80.6 or 26" x 32" in.

There are certain artists who have exceptional vision. Russian-born artist Leon Oks is a painter whose work shows an exciting visual style that unites form, fluid brushstrokes, and vivid color into a tapestry of unique inspiration. He combines dynamic movement and multiple perspectives with romanticism and emotion, revealing joy and sadness in equal measures. His work reflects how the artist has tapped into the range of human experience. The artist has been honored to be featured in one-person and group shows across America and Europe, and was a first place award winner numerous times in international competitions and shows. Leon Oks has been published in many books, magazines and newspapers. His work is in many public, private and museum collections. Website: http://oks.myexpose.com/   Email: oksart@gmail.com

The following is a brief selection of his awards.  

2007:   World’s Most Respected Experts in the field of International Contemporary Art

Expertise awarded by the Governing Board of Editors of the American Biographical Institute.

2007:   First Place Award, Best in Show on International Show ‘May Salon’, Museum of the Americas, Miami

2005:   Master Diploma for specialty honors in International Contemporary Art given by the World Academy of Letters, United State of America

2005:   Diploma of Excellence, Global Art Annual Competition ‘Art Now’, London, England

2005:   First Place Award, International Art Competition ‘Just Paint 2005’, Artrom Gallery, Rome Italy

2005:   The Best in Art and Creativity, The World of Art Award, England

2005:   Selected as one of the Top 100 Contemporary Artists, The International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England

2004:   First Place Award Best of the Show on ‘International Summer Show Latin American Art Museum, Florida

2004: International Visual Artist of the Year, International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England

2004: Professional Associated Academician of Art’, ‘Greci-Marino’,  International Academy, Italy

2004:   First Place Award, International Show ‘Encounters’, Museum of the Americas, Miami

2000:   Silver Brush Award and Award of Excellence, International juried Art Competition, ORT Institute, Chicago


'Swans', oil on canvas, 91 x 61 cm.  or 36" x 24" in.


'Spring Break', oil on canvas, 76 x 61 cm. or 30" x 24" in.