Kim Stratford - U.S.A.


'Yellow Brick  Road', oil on canvas, 50 x 50 cm. or 20" x 20" in.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Stratford was surrounded by a family of artists, sculptors, and musicians.  This strong influence for "all things creative" instilled in her an unmistakable love of expression in all forms.

A desire to connect with others through self-expression led to study and careers in music, writing and design.  Formal art education at Ohio State University was followed by mentoring with Churchill Mills' textile designer, Alma Fuerst.  Early voice training by renowned tenor and teacher, Harold Beckett led to a brief but satisfying performance career.  Ever intrigued  by the classical masters, Stratford went on to symphony orchestra management and studied in New York.  Although fulfilling, her love of visual arts, design and the need for personal expression won out.  Always drawn to the creative process, she studied graphics at Edison College and designed corporate logos, brochures, and marketing materials.  Traveling extensively while living in Boca Raton, Florida, Stratford studied sculpting in Brussels, Belgium.  A five year Sabbatical in Aspen, Colorado brought a renewed desire for self-expression.  Moving to Arizona in 1998, she studied silversmithing with Jay Burnham-Kidwell and experienced a successful foray into jewelry design.  Finding that too limiting, she returned once again to her first love...painting. 

In 2005, Stratford founded her design firm, KS Design, with business partner Denna Ketchum.  KS Design represents manufacturers in US and Europe. Stratford works with architects and clients to discover and source the most innovative and  creative products available .From the drawing board to the dinner table, exquisite options abound .

Stratford's art is a culmination of sophistication and clarity.  Her taste, impeccable. Her abstractions are as intriguing as her interiors.  Color and balance are evidence of her previous design training.  "The structure and formality of my work allows me the security to explore and interpret the corners of my mind. "

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'Rivit', oil on canvas, 40 x 50 cm. or 16" x 20" in.

Kim's statement;


"My paintings are a personal exploration of place and emotion. My use of materials creates shape, color, texture and balance and ultimately communicates my message to the viewer.

I seem to automatically adopt a loose, grid-like arrangement, symmetrical and consistent throughout the visual field. From there the subject progresses from one panel to another as if in a thought process.  Multiplicity of thought.  The representational image that is left is an invitation to delve into my unconscious feelings toward the subject. The discussion that interprets the finished image is what I believe art is all about.  Dialogue about what each of us sees or doesn't see and how we interpret another person's view. All art is personal, none more than abstract. 

This process drives me to create.  The finished image is a result of the encounter. The manifestation of a subject is rarely predictable; therefore I am as enchanted as my viewers.  The blank canvas has no pre-established message.  It is my journey to reach the box, prepare the table, open the lid and let the contents flow onto the canvas.  Messages and interpretations, emotions and visions.  Interpreted by the viewer to create the experience.  Interestingly though, as the viewer's situations changes, so does his perception of the art and its message. 

I am always left with the question: "How well do I communicate?" "