Melissa Sadie Wright - Spain

'The Only One', acrylic on canvas, 155 x 195 cm. or 61.1" x 77.1" in.

Melissa was born in 1975 in Kent, UK . She lives and works in Sobrarbe, Spain.
She studied at the Kent Institute of Art & Design, in Canterbury, Kent, UK from 1993 until 1997.
She got her BA in Fine Arts with honors, Specialized in Painting.

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Melissa's Statement

"A journey, an intervention Process of ceaseless renewal: light,
movement, change, ebb & flow, growth & decay. (Relating them to the
element of time Seasonal changes/Temporality).
Exploration of place: patterns, textures and color. Space in constant
transformation. Ecological systems/cyclical awareness.
Unique 'rustic' paintings utilizing natural available resources from the
environment (contorted root-systems/branches of trees etc) using a
fusion of materials: Acrylic on canvas/ hessian/ fibrous paper-pulp, &
often, incorporating intricate embroidery.
Each piece is deeply embedded with traces of where it was executed, both
via the moulding of the canvas over the rocks etc, &, by the referential
organic particles that physically enrich the pigmentation itself (in the
form of sand particles from the riverbed, pollen etc).
My work is connected at every point to the phenomena of the natural
world: Constant dialogues highlighting organic shapes & rhythms, colors
of flowers, trees and rocks, light and atmosphere. The forms of my pieces
spirals, circles etc are powerful expressions of the patterns and
rhythms of growth."