We arranged some exhibitions for the artists in 2008, 2009 & 2010 books at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art in Las Vegas. More information here: 

 to view the first exhibition click here

despina tunberg

Dear Despina,
Well words can't express the marvellous time we had in Las Vegas but the highlight of our trip was the opening at the museum and getting to meet so many lovely people. The opening was very impressive, we loved every minute of it and it was done in such a classy way. Wow, wow, wow. It was so great to actually meet you and your husband, you are a beautiful and charming couple that go to a lot of hard work for the artists all around the world, thank you. Lynn and Don are darlings also and they have such a wonderful volunteer staff. We felt so welcomed by everyone.
Also thank you for the drinks afterwards, it was much appreciated and a good way to wind down after the opening.  Willa Richards

Despina Tunberg arranged a solo show for Erminio Souza - artist in the next volume (IV) - at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts.

This artist was approved to appear in the cover of International Contemporary Artists Volume IV and then he was accepted to have a solo show at the museum! This is a boost to an artist's career!

The artist's answer:

Honestly I have no way to thank you, I knew that one day someone would give due weight to what I do because I do it with much love and patience. Art is Love.
It would be ideal if we could do before the launch of the Anuario, what do you think?
I wonder how many frames, because my whole show Abstract Geometric evolution under his guardianship, which for me and an honor
I guarantee you'll be a beautiful exhibition.

Thousands thanks

Erminio De Souza


Dear Despina and Joseph:

I take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful work and efforts in the making for the ICM shows.
Even though I have not visited the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, while looking at the museum's website, I've enjoyed viewing the photos from past exhibitions and reading the bio of Joseph is admirable all the work you do there!
It is a great honor to have one of my works exhibited there this summer! (painting titled, Rising, 40" x 30", oil on canvas).

I am glad to be a part of the third exhibition and included in the book.
Also, I am very pleased to see the curatorial presentation as collective. It must of been challenging to assemble over 200 artists works into a museum, and in looking at the photos from the openings, you did a a great job in representing the best of each artist.

I am sorry to have missed the last would have been an ideal time to meet you both and the other artists.
I hope to visit Las Vegas sometime this fall.

May you have a wonderful summer!


Patricia Araujo


I am so Proud to be in that show and museum and to be associated with you and WWAB. You can believe this that you have ecouraged me and helped me erase a ton of self doubt and crumy creative issues that before I was struglling with. Now more than ever I am confident and I will make my place in the Art World. I promise you that! I said this before, You are the Star here!

Thank so Very, Very Much.


John M. Carpenter


A collector's comments:


 What a beautiful, beautiful book!    I love and cherish art books and have a wonderful library  and I truly appreciate this gift.   You have made my day !!!

I look forward to seeeing and learning about this whole treasure of artists you have presented so magnificently.

 One day, I hope we can meet.   For now I have rearranged my office walls and have my recent acquisition of your black and white canvas situated so nicely behind my desk.  I also have a view thru a mirror on the opposing wall of this great piece.   Received compliments too!

 Best,despina tunberg



I've just got back from Vegas today and would really like to thank you for that wonderful ICM 2nd exhibit.  You and the SNMFA put together a great show, my work were wonderfully displayed, and the opening night was perfect!  It was wonderful to finally meet you!  Thank you so much for the attention you and your husband gave to us,   my husband and myself felt really welcomed! 

 It's been a pleasure to work with you, and I hope that we will have chance to meet in person again and talk more about work and art.

All my best, 

Silvana LaCreta Ravena 


Last Saturday I attended the opening reception of the Contemporary Art Masters show at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art. I had many art shows in my life but this show was definitely one of the best, far better than the Florence Biennale. First, I came to the conclusion that Despina is a great curator. She does not accept any artist that approaches her. She selects very carefully the artists that will be in her book and in the show, (the show is free). I am so glad she trusts my judgment and contacted a few artists that I recommended, including you. Secondly, the museum is very specious, even though the building itself needs renovations. I estimate that around 50 artists participated in the April show with me. There are 3 shows at the museum, one was in February, the second in April and the 3rd in June. The opening reception was just wonderful. There was a professional photographer, a violin player and tasty food and drinks. The book that Despina publishes is so beautiful. I got one book free and bought another one to bring to my future shows. I must tell you with all honesty, I was so delighted to participate in the book and the show that I signed up for next year as well. When you read all this you might get the impression that I am promoting Despina for some personal gain, but this is far from the truth. I didn’t know Despina before the show and for me this was a test to see how good it really is.

Elisha Ben-Yitzhak  []

You are a great curator—I love the book and the artists.




Dear Despina,

I really thank you for this beautiful exhibition. Wonderful exposure. I am very glad that I was able to take part in it.

Best regards,



I LOVE the book!!!!!!! LOVE It.

What a great compilation of world artists. You do such an excellent job of curating this project and it's evolving quite nicely into a prestigious and valuable presentation.
Thank you.

The photos from the first opening were a tad scary looking with many of the subjects having that deer-in-the-headlight expression. I think Las Vegas breeds that.  Looked like great fun though. any reports on attendance numbers?  I probably won't be at the Las Vegas opening in April because I have to be in Roatan around the same date. Shipping a painting this week though.

Perhaps we could plan an exhibit at my gallery during next winter. I wouldn't be able to accommodate all the artists but maybe we could do a Top 10 from book 4.

Susan Schiesser


I certainly agree that it's a great show and you certainly deserve accolades

for your curatorial excellence. I got an opportunity to meet you and your

husband. I am back in St. Croix, arriving this morning to head to school as

my students were unaware of my long trip to Las Vegas. Yes, going to Vegas

can be costly, but I am so glad that I made it there to witness the excitement and

make new friends.

Nii Ahene-La


Just few words to tell you that, of course, i am supporting your friendly efforts in order to promote our work. You do it in a very professional way and very devoted too.

So, you have all my trust and friendship in this dedicated and generous work.

Jean Pierre Brustier


comments of someone who bought the book:

I got my copy yesterday, and I have not been able to put down Volume III, and I got things to do!! It is an incredible collection of art and intellect!!   I'll  get a good look at it tomorrow on my flight to Portland, to see my grandchildren.

The on-line version of the publication of actually turning the pages is a kick; but your book,  the actual physical book........there is nothing like the real thing.  You have helped my creativity tremendously, in my feelings about our world.  Thanks

warm regards,

Jim Otis


Hi Despina,

I must say I’ve missed youJ, and also I am very happy with the book. It was really put together well and the body of art accumulated in the book is outstanding. I’m honored to be a part of it. The painting I have in the book, Armor 7 ‘Faith’, was chosen for inclusion for an exhibit where the keynote address will be by Sapphire, author of the novel Push and Oscar nominated movie "Precious", which will take place on April 12, 2010.

Ron Powell

Hi. This is Kensuke Shimizu, who is included in the book "International Contemporary Masters Volume III". I received books safely, but, I have not yet written comments on this "ICM Volume III" book. So, Now, I would like to write comments on this wonderful book!

I would like to say, "Thank you very much" for all the work you did for this great book! I would like to say, "Thank you very much" to Despina Tunberg, Judy Adams, and all the team of the International Contemporary Masters! You did a great job!

 I enjoy seeing this book very much! I am very glad that my art is included in this book, with many wonderful and great artists! It is really a wonderful book!

 I am planning to attend the opening of the Las Vegas show, April 17th. And, I am looking forward to seeing you and the artworks of those artists who were included in the book!

 Thank you and with best regards,

 Kensuke Shimizu


Many-many thanks again for your excellent (and I guess, painstaking) work. The book is well organized and highly professional; good quality print and general appearance are greatly impressive!Particularly I am grateful to you that through this book I've got acquianted with many very interesting foreigh masters whom I surely could hardly know. Many are really strong individualities and continue the main tendencies of the 20 th century in their own way. Also I enjoyed the Preface by Thomas Tunberg - bright and intellectual! In my opinion the most attractive masters are L.E.Ashley, Carpenter, I.Buttazzoni (of course, there are many other talents, but these seem to be most impressive precisely for me) I sincerely wish you to continue successfully this great and culturally useful project!

All the best,


I was impressed by the quality of your work and the whole team attended to edit it.  Volume is a wonderful and hopes to have echoes in the press but worth it, especially professionals and buyers. Secondly I want to say that he appeared in Romania in one of the most important sites of art, "Galeria de Arta", on 06.04.2010, a material
Thank you once again for the impressive volume
and see that you worked with pleasure. You can find on the internet at "Galeria de Arta" original presentation of the catalog. I will send by email a copy of material fact that I sent for publication.
I wish you well and happiness.


Hi Despina,

WOWEE!!! I just wanted to say thank you and that you have done a marvelous job at all this. I received my book today in the mail and am very pleased. It looks great and I feel honored to be included in a publication with so many talented artists. Job well done! You are a very good curator. I can only imagine how patient you are to organize and communicate with so many creative people! Thank you and hope to see you this summer in Vegas.




Dear Despina,

I just received my "ICM" books. WOW !!!

You made a wonderful work. The book is really impressive and, more than ever, i am proud to be in.

The quality of every element has been still increased and when we add this work to the one you did (and actually do these weeks) at Vegas...

I suppose (even if you look very good through the pictures you kindly sent us) that you feel exhausted after all this work.

Thank you so much for your generosity and commitment.

Fortunately, such a good things make life a little bit lighter.

Your friend,



Comments about the exhibition we organized at the SNMFA.Com

Chère Despina,

 Merci infiniment pour les très nombreuses photos de l'inauguration de l'exposition des oeuvres des artistes ICM au Musée du Névada à LAS VEGAS. Avec le nom (sous les photos) de certaines personnalités, j'ai eu l'agréable surprise de vous voir devant une oeuvre et de faire ainsi votre connaissance.

Cette exposition est un grand succès pour vous-même, pour le Musée et bien sûr pour tous les nombreux artistes des différents pays du monde. Je regrette beaucoup de n'avoir pu être présent en raison de la grande distance entre la France et l'Amérique.

Cependant, j'adresse une nouvelle fois toutes mes félicitations à tous ceux qui ont participé à

l'organisation et à la bonne réalisation de cette très importante manifestation artistique et bien sûr au Directeur du Musée, Monsieur Joseph PALERMO.

Si vous avez un catalogue ou un livre de cette exposition, pouvez-vous me l'expédier ?

               Encore toutes mes félicitations.

                          Meilleures salutations,

                                                                  Joseph VIRGONE (FRANCE)

Translation through babel fish: Dear Despina,  Thank you infinitely for the very many photographs of l' inauguration of l' exposure of works of artists ICM to the Museum from Nevada in Las Vegas. With the name (under the photographs) of certain personalities, j' had l' pleasant surprised to see you in front of a work and to thus make your knowledge. This exposure is a great success for yourself, the Museum and of course for all the many artists of the various countries of the world. I regret many n' to have been able to be present because of the long distance enters France and l' America. However, j' addresses once again all my congratulations to all those which took part in l' organization and with the good realization of this very artistic big demonstration and of course with the Director of the Museum, Mr Joseph PALERMO. If you have a catalogue or a book of this exposure, you can to me l' to dispatch?                Still all my congratulations.                           Better greetings,   Joseph VIRGONE (FRANCE)

I would like to say, "Thank you very much" for all the work you did for this great book! I would like to say, "Thank you very much" to Despina Tunberg, Judy Adams, and all the team of the International Contemporary Masters! You did a great job! I enjoy seeing this book very much! I am very glad that my art is included in this book, with many wonderful and great artists! It is really a wonderful book! I am planning to attend the opening of the Las Vegas show, April 17th. And, I am looking forward to seeing you and the artworks of those artists who were included in the book!

Thank you and with best regards,

Kensuke Shimizu

 thanks for the wonderful ongoing support of us artists.  it is appreciated!  Joleen Grogan



Thank you Despina for all the wonderful pictures. I could see the event was a success. Congratulations to you and to Mr. Palermo.



(comment about the exhibition at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts in Las Vegas)


Dear Despina

I received your book today, It is simply beautiful,
I love the way you have portrayed my work, I hope to be able participate again in you book, whenever it is possible for me to do so.
All the other artist's work too is amazing,
Thank you and warm regards

Nayna Shriyan

I received my copy today and cannot put it down!!!!!

I am truly impressed with the look and all the artist in it.

I am so proud to be part of the project.

Thank you so much for everything that you have done

Kind regards Grady


Just to let you know that I have received the book and it looks great!

 Also I want to inform you that unfortunately I will not be able to attend the opening reception in Las Vegas.

 Best regards from the Dominican Republic,




 I received the book a couple of days ago.  Love it!  You did a great job!  Thanks so much for asking me to be a part of it.  And the 1st Vegas show looks GREAT and looked like a real good time!  I'm not sure yet, but hopefully I'll be able to make it out for the 3rd show (...the one that I am in).

Take care,



The books are  beautiful and very impressive. It is really a wonderfull work. My congratulation to you and to your team. I am very proud to be in ICM 2010. Thank you

Mirko Molnar


Despina Darling,

thank you so much for the photos especialy you beside my painting, thanks a million, looks great.

warm regards, shahla 



I have just received the books "International Contemporary Masters".

They look great. It's really impressive publishing. I thank you very much and I congratulate both the publishing and exhibitions.

Best regards,



Dear Despina,

 Many thanks for the book Masters III. It is beuatiful and I am proud to be in it.

I appreciate your briliant story about art in the book and at the exhibition in Las Vegas. I myself find this section of art a real free one; free from "big money" and its servants.

My congratulations!

 Warm greetings,

Viktor Majdandzic.


This is Fumie Kihara. I have received the book the other day. It is absolutely AWESOME!!! I really thank you for all your work. I am so glad to be involved as one of the artists in such a great book. Also, I am very impressed to see the photos of the exhibition in Vegas. I can't wait to join the June one!!! Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH, again.



Dear Despina Tunberg,
It gives me the great pleasure to inform, that I have received the prestigious work done by you.
It arrived safe here in Copenhagen at the same time as your picturs from your show in Las Vegas,
and while I was about to buy a Brasserie and Gallery of my own here in Copenhagen.
I will be looking forward to extend you an invitation to grace Denmark.
With best wishes for your continued happiness!

Hi Despina,

Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful photos from the reception in Las Vegas....looks like a great opening! Also nice to see there's an art scene there and with passionate art lovers.

Patricia Araujo

Hello Despina,

Congratulations once again. Very impressive. show.

I may add that you look stunning. and has brought a lot of colour and glamour to the show. Please accept my compliments




The book is tremendous!  In more ways than one. 

Only one problem, the packing it came in was open when it got to my door.  All the stuffing was coming out and was all over the hallway floor and later my apartment.  

I don't know who opened it or if it tore open accidentally.

Again many thanks!

Elinore Bucholtz


Hi Despina,

The books are gorgeous. Good Job!!!

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass.'s about learning how to dance in the rain."  

Hi Despina,
Just wanted to let you know that I got my books and they look great!!! Thanks.
(The photos from the show and your writeup about the art are great as well.)
Nancy Wisti Grayson
Hi Despina,

I rec'd the books yesterday and I am SO IMPRESSED!!!! To be honest when I saw the website pages I didn't think I would be happy with the book. Boy, was I wrong!
The quality of the book is beyond compare, and the selection of the art is extremely impressive. I couldn't be happier!  I can't describe in words how happy I am with the book. To see online and curate this show over the internet is an amazing feat.
And you did it beautifully.  I can't say thanks enough! Bravo!!!




 I have received two books yesterday.  They really look beautiful.  Thank you for all your hard work.

 Fukuko Harris




I received Volume III of your book and although I knew you would do a good job on the book, I have to say in all honesty it exceeded my high expectations.

I wish to thank you for honoring me by including me in your wonderful book.

Soterios Gardiakos 



 It is a beautiful book. I'm so thrilled to be a part of it!! I have friends that may want some, so I will be ordering more.

 Also, I was wondering where you might recomend to stay in Las Vegas for the April opening.

Cathy Holman


Comment on the  first of 3 exhibitions at the Southern Nevada museum of Fine Arts (in Las Vegas), which Despina Tunberg arranged for the artists in the books 'International Contemporary Masters:

 Hi Despina,

I wanted to thank you for all your work on the exhibition. It ended being quite a surprise!!!  At first I was unsure of the location but they have done an excellent job in putting it together.

It was good to meet you in person, finally, and talk.

Have a great month and year.




Hi Despina,

Thanks for the photographs. It was a pleasure to meet you there and to be able to speak with you. I also found the people in the Museum friendly and I have decided to go on exhibiting with the Museum for a six months additional time.

With my very best regards.

Marie-Claude Bosc


Good Morning Despina!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I received THE Book! All the paintings in this format look fascinating in their variety of thems and technique. Thank You very much.

Kind Regards,



Hi Despina -- 

 just got the book -- Wow!  it is stunning.   Will find a way to get in next edition no matter what -- thanks again,




My dear Despina...The book arrived and I cannot tell you what a thrill

> it is to have my work included, I could not be happier to be in the

> company of some wonderful artists.Thank you so much, hope to meet you

> in person in April! Best


Hi Despina,
             got my catalogue thru today, just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I appreciated the obvious time and effort thats gone it the production and distribution. It looks stunning, it only arrived yesterday and Ive been touring round her showing it off already!!!!!!!!
You've done everybody who has work in it proud, many many thanks Despina,
GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello Despina

I got the book and I showed at my art show
it was great; I love it

Youssef Rami


Dear Despina,

 Thank you so much for a job well done! The book is just fantastic. I recommend to all artists to be part of this book. I just love it so much.
I will look forward to the 2011 edition.  Thank you so much Despina from the bottom of my heart.

Best Regards, Elisha ben Yitzhak


Received the books today.  They are excellent. Good job.

Logan Bauer

Hi Despina,

They arrived today! I was surprised.

They look great.  Congratulations!


 Margaret Gurney- Artist


Thanks for your efforts, enthusiasm and communication. Great to work with a PRO!  Rest well!  Nikki


I looked at the New Book, ICM Vol.111 over the weekend and it is a
Wonderful Publication.
Thank you for All you have done for the Book and putting together the Las Vegas Shows.
I am truely Honored to be included in this book with such esteemed artists and to have collaborated with all of you at WWAB. You are a STAR!
This is a Great way to end the year and also Bring in the New Year!
Thank You so very, very much,
Wishing you all the very Best and a Happy Holiday.
John M. Carpenter
Thanks Despina. Have I told you how much I appreciate your organization and professionalism? I was working with another art company and they pale in comparison to you. : )

Sheri Anstedt



I am terribly proud to be a part of this product you arranged. You have

done an excellent job, thank you! Kind regards,  Katrin Alvarez


Hi Despina....The books arrived safely in Austria.  I have to say this.  I am really impressed with the professionalism, the variety of incredibly talented artists, the layout is fantastic and the hard cover was an excellent idea this time. Muche better presentation and quality.  Are you working on 2010 now.....
Well done Despina....



Greetings Despina....I am so sorry ....I do hope you receive This email....I am taking my computer back in tomorrow...I am having so much trouble receiving and getting out emails and it will not shut down!!!! So frustrating...I Did receive the books...THANK YOU!!! I just brought one over to my sponsor.. they were thrilled as was I.....I will write again when I have this thing fixed, as it seems the longer the mail the harder to get out....hope your well....Good JOB!!!! respectfully,

Pegi Smith


OUI super bravo à vous.


hi Despina! yes i did receive the book. it's great! i really love it! thanx a lot :)

i really liked many other artworks in the book, also i liked the'contemporary art today' introduction.
hope everything is fine with you



Hi Despina
I have received my books. They look great!
Thanks again


  I think the prints of the paintings are very good.  Also, I think there is some nice work in the collection.  I will be in touch about more copies once I get organized.  \

James Murphy


Dear Despina, Oh Yes, I received them. Thank you!!!! they  turned out great!!! Thank you so much!


Hi Ms Tunberg
I received the books yesterday. They are really amazing and the rest
of the works in the book is beyond my expectations. I 'm sure that
people will pay serious attention to your efforts. We will be in touch
for your next art books attempts. Thank you for your proffesionalism!

Best regards,
Dermitzakis George

Hi Despina ¡¡¡ How are you ?
Thanks , I recived the book tha last week.Alexandro is happy .
best regards


Hi there, yes thanks l got them on Monday, the book is great! The printing quality is much better, the images much more vibrant, and it's great being in hardback.
However (sorry, l know you only want positive feedback...) there is an error on my page.  On the proof page you sent me, it included my email address, but its not in the book....?!?
Seems l'm not very lucky hey... Is there any way it can be corrected for future print runs?????

Kind regards,

I am participating in a Biennalle in Mexico and I have a proposal from a gallery in London for a personal show. They saw me in the previous book (Masters 2008)  Marie Perrakis


The books arrived today and they are absolutely GREAT!!!!!!! Once again thank you so very much for including me.
So many artists and so many amazing artworks from all over the!!!! We ll be in touch
Keep me in mind for next time please! Warmest regards Delina Vasiliadi


the book is amazing. Thank you for cooperation. It will be my pleasure a new cooperation. Vania Stefou

I received the books, and they AWESOME!!!!
Good job! Very good looking!! Thanks so much! Alex Osipov


Hello Despina!
yes I have received one copy of my book and it looks great! thank you!
How could I buy two more with a discount?

Hi Despina,


Yes I get. Thank you. I crossed its contents with a lot of interest and overdrafts of very interesting things. I find your selection very relevant because very representative of the tendencies..

Let us wish now that there is numerous  for your work. Like your up-to-the-moment cross-section of new creation, my painting is the cross section of human..

Best Regards. Musika

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------despina tunberg


I’m favourably impressed by the quality of the book! The viewer can enjoy this different version of contemporary art as an adventure.

Thanks very much for your great work and I wish you much success! Best regards, Ingrid Stiehler


THANK  YOU SO MUCH!!!  I just received the book this morning and trust me its made my day!!! :) The book is fab and so are the artists within it!!!  my students love the book too! Thank u for the great opportunity hope I can be part of it next year too. Thank you once again.

Kind Regards, Vaishali Morjaria.


My books have arrived! They look beautiful!  Vickie Newington

The book is great, congratulations! Buda Balázs


I received the books and really love your choices. the art, the paper you used, the letters, everything is professional and looks very good. congratulation on your hard work, the result is great. Caroline Tabac-Shank.


Σήμερα έλαβα το λεύκωμα. Είμαι πολύ ικανοποιημένος από την συνολική εικόνα του βιβλίου. Δυστυχώς, δεν διάβασα ακόμα τον πρόλογο για να κάνω κάποιο σχόλιο. Εύχομαι να συνεργαστούμε ξανά στο μέλλον.
Να είσαι καλά.  Dimitris Dimas (Translated from Greek: I received the book today. I am very content with the general appearance of it. Unfortunately I had not read your article yet so as to make a comment! I wish to collaborate again with you! I wish you well. Dimitris Dimas)


C'est avec grand plaisir que je viens de recevoir les 2 livres "International Contemporary Masters 2009" et vous en remercie infiniment.
J'ai apprécié le soin de sa présentation et de sa réalisation. C'est un nouvel ouvrage où l'on peut contempler la diversité des oeuvres de nombreux artistes du monde entier. Je vais le joindre aux nombreux livres d'art de ma bibliothèque, dans lesquels mon travail artistique est présenté, tels que Drouot Cotation, Avanguardie & Grandi Maestri édités en Italie.. Encore toutes mes félicitations. Meilleures salutations à tous. Bien cordialement, Joseph Virgone

Translated through babelfish: It is with great pleasure which I have just received the 2 books " International Contemporary Masters 2009" and thank you for it infinitely. J' appreciated the care of its presentation and its realization. It is a contemporary presentation where l' one can contemplate the diversity of works of many artists of the whole world. I will join it to the many books d' art of my library, in which my artistic work is presented, such as Drouot Cotation, Avanguardie & Grown Maestri published in Italy… Still all my congratulations. Better greetings with all. cordially,  Joseph Virgone


Thanks for the invoice. You are doing a good job supporting not only those artists, who belong to the central marketplace in Manhattan.
Best regards
Roman Janeczko

I have received the books. wonderfull ones.I wish plenty of success in the future    Ferenc Seboc


The Artbook was magnificent - fantastic in shape, colours etc...And the hard cover - very good. I´m so happy about it all. Gun Mattsson


 J'ai reçu le paquet, lundi 02/03/2009 à Midi, en bon état.J'ai trouvé  l'album luxueux et de belle présentation
 La page que vous m'avez réservée me convient.Dommage que je vous ai adressé une image
 qui ne fait pas apparaître suffisamment la partie jaune -(à droite).
 C'est ma faute,mais c'est un point secondaire.Je suis très satisfait.
 Je vous adresse mes sincères salutations.    Jacques pollet.

(Translated through Babel Fish:) Ireceived the package, Monday 02/03/2009 at Midi, in good state. J' found l' luxurious album and of beautiful presentation .The page that you m' reserved is appropriate to me. It's a pity that I addressed an image to you who does not reveal sufficiently the yellow part - (on the right). C' is my fault, but c' is a secondary point. I am very satisfied. I address my sincere greetings to you. Jacques pollet.


The book arrived just great. Bravo for your work. Amira


Hi Despina, 

I have received one book, is that alright? It looks far better then last year!!

Lots of love,




Thank you for the book, which arrived today. It is great and I love it. I have already shoved it to some of my friends, who love it too! Roman Janeczko


I received my two books today and as you said: they are great! Marie Claude Bosc


I have this morning received my copy of Masters. Very nice presentation I am very happy.
Thank you, Paul Bruyneel


I received the book and thank you for it and congratulations. It very is successful and the colors are splendid! Gilles Biotti


It turned out very well.  You have some nice work represented in the book. The color reproduction especially for Rainforest however was disappointing but that is not your fault.  I just need to be more careful in proofing. Gary Trujillo


They book looks great.  A very good cross section and great diversity.  I may need to order some more for my various galleries. Blu Smith


Today the book has been received to me. It is really wonderful and I have really enjoyed this high quality images .Thank you for your great work and reliability. It's been a real pleasure working with you.

Warm regards,

Ingrid Stiehler


thousand THANKs for you for this international art book. It`s exselent and with quality.

Warmest Regards and best wishes

Tatjana Mihailova


The book looks great!! Thanks.

Edgar Bustillos

Thank you for sending me the books. They arrived yesterday.
I liked them - interesting artists and great presentation.

Gun Mattsson

Yesterday I received the books by mail, they look very beautiful.

I hope that something will come out of this promotion, would be nice to
receive an invitation from
A gallery in the U.S.A. to exhibit without any costs, because they
appreciate the quality of my work..

Future will tell...

Thanks again, bye bye

Margareth Degeling, The Netherlands

Yes, I received the book and it looks great!
Yes, Despina, it looks great!
Thanks for everything and take care,


I have got a copy of International Contemporary Masters 2008 from Gun and I really
do like it very much. I´m sure the next one will be even better.

Bengt Carlson

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