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Despina Tunberg  ( Giannopoulou )

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Despina Tunberg, born in Greece, has been a painter for all her adult life, with many exhibitions to her credit, in Greece and internationally. She was a gallery owner for many years, with the Omma Centers of Contemporary Art in Chania, Crete, and Santa Barbara, California. Parallel with the galleries, she began organizing and curating large group exhibitions in a number of venues in Greece, Romania, Turkey, and also in London, New York and Las Vegas. This activity led to the creation of the International Art Festival of Chania, a major event which attracted the participation of hundreds of artists from all over the world. Now based in Santa Barbara, California, she continues to organize and curate international exhibitions, but devotes herself primarily to International Contemporary Masters, a monumental and continuing presentation of the whole range of 21st century art over the entire world.


despina tunberg



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