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Why should I appear in this book?  What are the benefits?

Being in a juried art book, where the artists are of high caliber, offers numerous benefits:

1. It is a prestigious and professional way to present your work to galleries, collectors, selection committees, juries and potential buyers.

2. Being included in such a publication, which not only presents your work, but places you among other highly regarded artists,

   increases the commercial value of your work.

3. It provides gallery owners with an effective tool to more easily sell your work and at a better price.


A committee selects not only the artists but the works that will be in the book.

The criteria for selection are: interest, originality, beauty and above all, proficiency.

It includes all media; painting, mixed media, digital art, illustrations, sculpture, installations, photography, pottery, performance art.

The book contains artists from all over the world, and presents a cross section of contemporary art internationally.


 Despina Tunberg


Despina Tunberg is the curator of the publication and she makes the final decisions for selection.

She is herself an award winning artist who has appeared in many exhibitions all over the world and for many years she has

owned art galleries in Greece and the USA.

She has also organized exhibitions and art festivals in museums and galleries in many countries and she has curated numerous publications.

She was the organizer and curator of the International art festival that took place in Chania, Crete, Greece for 5 successive years and it was one of the

 most important annual art events in Greece. More than 100 artists from all over the world participated every year and the event was presented daily by

all the national media (TV channels, radio stations, newspapers) and all the art magazines published important reviews about the art and the artists in it.

despina tunberg

Any comments please send to: Despinatunberg(at)gmail.com


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