Juried annual art publication

International Contemporary Masters V (volume 5)

We are accepting submissions now!

To be published second half of 2011

Apply now ! 

by sending us your website link or 5 jpg images

Information about participation in "International Contemporary Masters V"

We invite artists to participate in the 5th edition of "International Contemporary Masters".

An invaluable tool for every artist  who wants to help himself or herself to succeed, to get the best value for his or her art, to establish relationships with art galleries, and also as a reference for clients.

Every artist knows how important it is to be included in juried exhibitions, festivals, books and publications. To create an important record that will open a path to success and also to show his or her creations in every possible way and to get one's art out of their studios and before the public eye.
In this annual art book, superbly printed,  we present artists of high caliber from all over the world. Artists whose work we believe to worth be included in a serious art book.

Book Description:

Large Coffee-table book

Hard Cover + Dust Cover

Museum quality printing

Language: English

Full Color

Size: 10" x 13" inches or 25.2 x 32.7 cm.

How you can be included:
Artists should apply by sending at least 5 JPG images by email to
the curator who contacted you or tell us you are interested in inclusion and we will visit your site for approval. If the artist is approved, he or she will be notified within 3 working days. Our jury selects the art to present in the book.

The artist's 1st page will include one or more images (up to 3 - the jury decides the number of images and the selection), a short biography, the website address and contact information of the artist.
One of the images will cover as much as possible of the page and the other ones will be smaller. If the artist wishes to present his or her art at  a greater length, up to 6 pages (12 images) are possible. The second page contains up to 3 images and the artist's statement or short reviews etc. Before printing the book, the artists will receive their proof pages for approval. At this point they will be able to make any changes or updates on the texts they want.

A large amount of books is delivered for free to galleries, museums, art fans, interior designers, art collectors etc.

The rest of the books are sold at a cost price and there is no profit through book sales.

The artists get 50% discount on the retail price and they are allowed to re-sell books through their website or else and make a 55% profit.



A. One page US $ 985.00

B. Two pages the cost is  US $ 1,385.00

C. Three pages the cost is US $ 1,885.00

D. Four pages the cost is US $ 2,385.00

E. Five pages US $ 2,885.00

F. Six pages $ 3,885.00



BACK COVER: Volume  V (volume 5) US $ 5,800  AVAILABLE !!! 


BACK COVER: and VI ( Volume 6)  US $ 5,800  AVAILABLE !!!


Special presentation of approved artists in the first 10 pages of the book. Some artists, apart from the pages they have inside the book, they will be able - if approved - to appear in the first 10 pages of the book.

The cost of these pages is:

Page 1 $2800 available

Page 2: $2800 available

Page 3: $3800 available

Page 4: $ 2500 available

Page 5: $3.300 available

Page 6: $2.200 available

Page 7: $3000 available

Page 8: $1900 available

Page 9: $2700 available

Page 10: $1600 available



The book is distributed for free to selected galleries, collectors, curators, and art-lovers and will be on sale through:

  • Ingram (wholesaler)
  • Backer & Taylor (wholesaler)
  • Barnes & Noble (National Book Chain)
  • (internet sales)
  • Barnes &

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Any comments please send to:
Artists in First publication "International Contemporary Masters 2008" Click Here to see list

Artists in Second publication "International Contemporary Masters 2009" Click Here to see list 

Artists' comments and results from previous books

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