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Robert Coane is a porno-artist that approaches galleries and asks for information as an artist who wants to exhibit at their galleries.

But basically he is a blackmailer !

He publishes slander about  people on his website and then calls and asks for money to delete it!

Be careful of this person calling himself an artist!


Good business!

Look at the people who DID NOT PAY!

A good example is what he did with Despina Tunberg, in 2005, when she was the manager of Omma galleries in Greece and in the USA

He sent her an email asking for information.

She answered his questions politely but eventually he became aggressive and started blaming her on having a vanity gallery and more.

Finally, after a long correspondence he made her angry - this is what he was trying to do - and she sent him to hell!

This is what he was looking for! He published the parts of the correspondence that he wanted - so as to create the impression he wanted - and also found photos of hers on her website, he photo-shopped them trying to make her as ugly as possible! and he put them on his website among flames and next to crosses - so as she would look like a vampire!!!

She sent her the link and in a few days he called and asked for $20,000 to delete the page!

She did not pay! And this slander has been on for years. If you want to ask her about it, contact

 and well known artist and curator:


If he contacts you by email, DO NOT ANSWER! Just delete his message and IGNORE HIM!

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Check here what he has published about Despina Tunberg, a respectable