Sponsorship Information


Here is some information for artists who would like to approach a company to sponsor them, not only for being in our books but for other events

they might want to participate as well.

How to find a sponsor:

Contact any companies you might know. Small companies are much easier to approach when it is for a small amount of money.

They can be small stores, wineries, real estate, etc. Generally it is easier to get a sponsorship from companies that you know personally or you have friends or connections with people who work for them or - much better - who are important clients for them!

When you have managed to set an appointment to talk about the subject it is helpful to have your portfolio with you.

Make it clear that you are not just asking for help! It is an equal exchange. You are asking for something from them and you are offering something important to them!


What you offer them:

 1. Their companies logo and contact information (website address, email etc) will be published on the second page of the book.

2. They will be mentioned as sponsors

3. They will be provided with an invoice for the amount they pay, so it will be tax deductable.


Why they should pay for sponsoring an artist:

1. It is a prestigious image for a company to support art. It is a proof that they are  supporting the cultural development which makes them respected to their customers.

2. The amount they will pay is tax deductable.

What you are asking:

After you have made clear what you are offering and why it is valuable for them to do it, then you ask them the amount you need.





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